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INEFFABLE Consultancy & Services provides pin to piano solutions to real estate sector. The Company has evolved as a one-stop service provider, offering wide range of services to its Clients taking the project from per-development stage till completion of project.

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Feasibility Analysis

Our experts do feasibility Analysis to determine potential positive and negative outcomes of a project before investing a considerable amount of time and money into it. A feasibility analysis is a study of how successfully a project can be completed, accounting for factors that affect it such as project Technical, Location, Social, Financial, Ecological and Rough-Cut.

Checking Prerequisites

Availability of Resources

Optimum Scale of Project

Production Process

Production Equipment Selection

Proposed Site Analysis

Sales Trend in Area

Inventory Status

Upcoming Launches

Cost Structure

Competition Status

Elasticity of Demand

Consumer’s Behavior

Cost Benefit Analysis

Direct Economic Benefit

Cost Efficiency

Income Distribution

Investors’ Benefit

Employment Generation

Self Sufficiency

Investment Outlay

Cost of Production

Means of Financing

Projected Profitability

Break Even Point

Cash Flows

Level of risk

Environment Concern

Ecological Implications

Damage to environment

Cost of Restoration

Space Constrain in Planning

Feasibility as per Development Plan

Development Control Regulation in area

Project Planning

The key to a successful project is in the planning. Creating a project plan is critical thing, one should do when undertaking any project. Often project planning is ignored in favour of getting on with the work. However, many people fail to realise the value of a project plan for saving time, money and many problems. Our experts look at a simple, practical approach to project planning. One should have a sound project planning approach that one can use for future projects.

Financial Forecasting

Asset Requirement Planning

Vendor Payout Planning

Inflow and Outflow Planning

Cost Optimisation

Defining Stakeholders

Form of Organization

Organization Structure

Function of Organization

Organization Chart

Various Departments

Function & Responsibility

Organizational Alternative

Conceptual Planning

Project Layout Planning

Schematic Design

Municipal Drawing

Technical Details

Space Planning

External Specifications

3D Visualization

Project Management

Scope Management

Time Management

Cost Management Plan

Quality Management

Human Resource Plan

Communication Plan


Resource Planning

Operation Planning

Master Production Schedule

Material Requirement

Capacity Planning

Productivity Planning

Safety Measures & Planning

Preplanning Requirement

Situation Analysis

Segment Priority

Strategies and Tactics

Product Designing

Controls and Measures

Project Execution

Project execution’s key purpose is to complete the work defined in the project management plan and to meet key project objectives. Project execution is one of the most vital of the project phases. It is the phase where one will construct deliverables and present them to key stakeholders. This is usually the longest phase of the project life cycle

Form Organization

Administration Structure

Assign Responsibilities

Implement KPI

Establish Processes

Monitor and Control

Negotiation for Land

Dealing with Litigation

Managing Rehabilitation, Resettlement & Redevelopment Issues.

Incorporate Remarks

Boundary Demarcation

Subdivisions of Land

Obtaining Contractor

Contract Assignment

Contract Type Selection

Contract Formation


Manage Contractor

Incentive and Penalty

Claims & Disputes

Site Execution

Scheduling & Controlling

Vendor Management

Safety & Quality Mgmt


Cost Optimization

Sub Contracting

Risk Management

Coordination with Stakeholders

Liasoning of Architectural, RCC and MEP Drawings

Preparation of Working Drawings

Periodic Site Inspection

Personal Financing

Short Term Borrowing

Long Term Borrowing

Equity Financing

Joint Venture

Joint Development

Marketing & Sales

Marketing and Sales are closely interlinked and are aimed at increasing revenue. As sales and marketing are closely intertwined, it becomes hard to realise the difference between the two. But in fact, Sales and Marketing are two very different functions and require very different skills. Marketing makes it easy for prospects to engage with you when they are looking to solve a problem whereas Sales consistently achieve revenue objectives. 

Scope of Marketing

Identifying & Analyzing Marketing Mix (4P)

Key Customer Markets

Market Need

Market Demand

Market Intelligence

Market Environment & Demand Analysis.

Marketing Research

Market Opportunities


Competition Analysis

Building Customer Value

Brand Positioning & Equity

Setting Product Strategy

Managing Services

Develop Pricing Policy

Marketing Channels

Market Communication

Sustaining Growth & Value

Selling & Buying Process

Lead Management

Ethics of Sales Process

Sales Presentation

Closing Sales

Handling Objections

Follow-Up After Sales

Managing Sales Force

Sales Manual & Training

Evaluating & Rewarding

Direct Sales Channel

Brokers / Channel Partners

Electronic Sales

Print Ad


Exhibition and Promotio

Site Sales Office Processes

Sample Product Design

Brochure, Mail & Letters

Cost Sheet Preparation

Interior Designing

We are excellent in research, designing and successful execution of customer centric ideas. We precisely understand expectation of customer and blend our creatively with contemporary technology, which help us to take our endeavor beyond the expectation of our esteemed customer. We work enthusiastically and passionately and encourage creativity and professional environment at workplace.

Nurses’ Station Designing

Examination Room


Patients Room

Staff lounge and lockers

Neo Classical/Modern Furniture Design

Spatial Arrangement

Anthropometric Design

Wall Elevations

Fixture Arrangements

Storage and Cabinets

Adaptable Design


Work Station Designing

Circulation Pattern

Customized Aesthetic

Safety Consideration

Electronics Fitting

Conference Room

Furniture & Furnishing

Banquette Arrangement

Hostess station

Cashier’s Station

Cafeteria Area Planning

Bar Plan & Elevations

Hotel Room Designing

Amenities Planning

Display Cabinets

Storefronts Designing

Display Cases

Shop Counter

Wall Cabinets/light box

Departmental Store

Feature Wall Lighting

Wall Paneling

Rack Display System

Cash Wrap Counter

Fitting Rooms

Typical Space Planning

Cheque Writing Desk

Single Teller’s Station

ATM Unit Designing

Circulation Planning

Allied Services

We provide end-to-end realty related consultancy and execution services across India. We believe in working together with our customer to empower them by building sustainable capabilities.

RERA Related

Mergers & Acquisition

Buy Sell Agreements

Legal Contracts

Cooperative Society

Civil & Criminal Cases

Customer Engagement

Home Loan Facilitation

Property Customization

Property Handover

Society Formation

Defect Liability & resolution

Leasing and Renting Desk

Office Design


Accounting Processes

Property Maintenance

Establishing Contracts

Common Area Cleaning

Amenities Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance

Pest Control

Water Management

Maintenance of M.E.P.

Monitoring & Control

Access Control

Electronic Surveillance

Trained Personnel

Safety Service

Mock Drills & Trainings

Emergency Services

Parking Management

STP Management

Property Inspection & Maintenance

Fire Safety Service

Generator & Power System